Friday, January 9, 2009

Shift Change

Our rotations are up and I am now working the night shift. This is bad for me, for I LOVE to be doing stuff, and working this shift has been quite slow for the last few shifts. I do imagine as soon as it gets warmer and as soon as the schools let out this summer it will be busy, but right now I am going crazy! So I have accomplished setting a new poker high score on the computers, bwahaha! 8 hours of playing poker and I got paid.

Although, we have had a blast listening to old calls saved on the consoles, those have been interesting needless to say. So far nothing major has happened on our shift this year, just a few drunks that are being stupid calling us up because they were kicked out of a bar and their coat was still inside.

So, I bought myself a Nikon D40 a few months ago. I haven't gone out and wandered around taking pictures of things though. Although I did go to Chicago to see the Chicago Marathon.. I do need to go out and take some pictures of things though, I got a neat little flash for it too.

Back to work, my biggest complaint with the midnight shift is the food.. We have NO WHERE to eat that is close but Wendys.. Dang!

So, I am debating on what I should do. I am wanting to get into a police department, and I really don't mind if it is with a City or County as I find both interesting but see the County with more 'to do' outside of patrol. Now, Thing is I believe our County still has an axillary program which I would love to get into, and do while I am still working dispatch and applying for agencies (or even use that to get into the department). Or I can wait and throw out applications as they start hiring. I still have a few more classes I need to take to get my associates in Law Enforcement that I have been putting off for a year now, and they are the basic general-education classes (maths and sciences) which I find so easy but boring, I hate school! I need to get those out of the way though and at least have an associates degree in something, especially since many departments are requiring education and a certain amount of college credits now-a-days.

Ahh I don't know! Anyone with any suggestions feel free to throw them my way.

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FireMidget said...

Work graveyard shift....Go to school durring the day (I know its boring) and get all you need for your Associates, then apply.

The more time you have w/ 911 the better you look on a PD application anyways!