Sunday, September 21, 2008


Anyone try Monster.. No, I'm not talking about the thing that lives under your bed.. The I'm talking about the 'energy' drink Monster (I guess there are multiple flavors and whatnot..)

Last night I worked for almost 24 hours straight.. woohoo.. It started Saturday morning getting up at 6 for my other job to be there at 7.. I got off that at 1 pm and I saw I had a message to come in for a few hours (only 4) so I took it.. While I was there there was a call off for the midnight shift, and at the time I passed on it..

I went home, 'chilled' for a bit and than ran out to grab some oh so delicious Chicken Ring Sandwiches from White Castle (It's going to be the death of me.. I make food runs almost nightly there now, gosh) and decide what the heck, I will take the midnight shift I am feeling up to it..

So I get there for my shift and we start the night off with what came in as a pursuit..
Woohoo indeed..
So what we thought was really a pursuit that State had on the highway turned out to be a caller on the phone following some dude that stole some stuff and NO police had got to the vehicle to pull it over.. Whoops that's not what I was told! I put out the 10-80 (code for pursuit) and had 4 Tac units and a couple County guys going up to help.. The catch up to the guy and wait for State to pull the guy over since we were now traveling in another county and didn't want to be the ones who started something..
They arrested the bad guy..

After that my channel was pretty quiet for the most part for a Saturday night..
So, lets get to my Monster story..

One of the other dispatchers ran out for a bit for a break out back, one of her friends stopped by that works for the County, and also for the same company that distributes Monster.. She came back in with two BIG cans (like two and a half pop cans, ha) of Monster, one for me and one for another guy in there but he didn't want it..
So I got both.. Lemme tell you they taste pretty good but have a strange after taste.. but I don't think that they work.. I was really tired (we all were) and I didn't feel it make me untired, I felt hyper but tired.. make sense?

Anyhow, they are pretty good but I should try them next time before my body starts to shut down and fall alseep.. By the time I got home I was running on hour 24 of up and running.. and I was half tempted to turn around and take another shift in the afternoon, but I decided I was too crazy.

I love the money though..

Now what should I spend it on.. :) I am looking at buying a Nikon D40 .. I've spotted a couple of good buyers on eBay that have them with a few lenses and a few other items for a decent price.. I've always had a likeing in photography, just never had a decent camera to do anything with.. now that I have this monster of a PC that is capable of doing some really cool after effects with Photoshop I am having fun with what my camera that I have can do..

Hmm .. I guess I picked a good blog title because I just realized I truley am rambling! Sorry!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Haven't been around for a while.. I've been working, working, sleeping, working.. That's about it!

It's been pretty crazy.. Talk to my first suicidal (well.. eh, he wasn't that extreme since the police didn't send him to the loony bin) on the phone.. I could-a done better and the rest of the room let me know what I did wrong and what to do next time..

You would figure since Summer has come and is gone and since kids are now in school that they would be less prevalent to getting hit by cars.. Well for some odd reason the last few nights have had a handful of kids on bikes getting hit by cars. And kids running into the side of a car at that..

The remnants of Ike dumped on us and flooded a good part of the county, but didn't do any really sever damage.. but, moron after moron decided it would be a good idea to disobey the sign that says "water on pavement road closed" and try and get through. Not a good idea.
And on top of it, the officers that are now having to break away to deal with your stupid 'I was running late' excuse will now spend time writing you citations and inform you that you will have to get your own tow truck and get yourself out of the water.
And to all of the lucky people that got the many citations dished out by a few officers sitting on the other side of those really nifty big orange signs I have no sympathy. You see the signs, then the police cars, and maybe even another moron that has already been pulled over, yet you still try and go through the barricades to try and go through the 3 feet of water..
God help us all.