Friday, December 18, 2009

Sir, what really does an emergency mean to you?

The night was fairly steady, calls from across the county and city were coming in. And then this guy calls in. Mind you he's probably in late 20's or early 30's, not an elderly caller that would think they are bothering us.

Me: 911 where is the emergency?
Caller: Well this probably isn't really an emergency.. but I just saw these three males break into a window of my neighbors house and climb inside.

Really, sir. Really?

What WOULD an emergency be for you, sir? Are you related to the person that called me a few months ago because your puppy was choking on a bone that YOU gave it and YOU yelled at me "Oh, I guess my kids will just have to watch their dog choke to death" because I wouldn't send and ambulance and instead gave you two locations of emergency vets in the area? You're lucky I gave you the vets locations, I could have just disconnected, you are a waste of the emergency response system!

You can't fix stupid.