Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Hate Needles.

So. I regularly give blood, I feel that I can help by doing so, I am O+ and that type is the universal so I know it will help someone who needs it.

But, I hate needles. I donated blood recently, and the lady 'found' my vein before she stuck me.. Well it 'disappeared' and that made her have to wiggle around, she couldn't get it so another nurse came over and tried and was able to get it. OUCH.

Not too good, but I think it's not that bad it could be a lot worse.. and it got a little worse.. You know how you have to 'squeeze', well I was and the needle was twisting something in there because oh man it was hurting..

So I donate in about 6 minutes the bag is filled, I get up and take about 15 steps and sit down at the snack table and start to feel like I am going to pass out, man was that crazy, I got all cold pale and sweaty, so off I went to a table to lay with my feet up and an ice pack for 10 minutes.

I never had that many complications, or any of them at that, when I have donated and I have been doing it regularly (every eligible donation period!)

But I still hate needles.. Ah!


FireMidget said...

I never could make the wieght requirement to donate blood. They always said no. Kinda jealous. Thanks for helping us out (I have A-)

Me said...

Thanks for giving blood. The life you save could be...well it could be asnyone's, couldn't it?

I don't care for the needles myself, but I donate every six weeks or so. I just like the cookies.