Saturday, March 28, 2009

Touch of Death

I seem to be the scapegoat now when something goes wrong in the communications center, or even out on the streets..

I seem to have been able to break a few things no one else could manage to break before. So every time something goes wrong with a piece of equipment it's "I bet Ramblings touched it last". But it is only because I have managed to snap in half one of our desk lights (Which are made to twist, turn, flip, swivel and do everything) just by pushing it back out of the way of the monitors..! I have managed to break the computer system for our center and our backup center by trying to type in an address, which caused a 2 day outage until they could fix it (yay for pen/paper, old school).. And most recently I have started a fire.
Yep. A fire. Apparently I must answer the phone too much, because all of a sudden I get this big whiff of burning dead fish (yea best I can describe it) and I ask my partner if she smells it, which brings her around to my console which immediately she gags uncontrollably, uh oh.
I notice that my ALI (Automatic Location Identifier) screen is gone, and I go to the back and sniff around and find that the source of the smell must be the ALI screen burning out.
For good safety measures we call our nearest fire company over to check it out and make sure the thing wasn't still burning.
But the worse part of the whole thing is that smell, and it stayed in that room for ever, and it's not like we could prop the back door open because some crazy repo guy would probably wander his way through it or we would get a dog or cat to venture in to get that dead fish! ha.

I also happen to answer the phone whenever something big, or crazy happens. Whenever we have something crazy I probably am stamped as the call taker on my shift, Every time I had answered the phone during one afternoon it would be a fire or ambulance call for my county fire partner which was sicker than could be and picked that because usually it was the slowest (ha) but I have had some crazy stuff happen where people have come up 10-7 (dead) such as the trucker who decided it would be a good idea to chase his moving truck that rolled off as he was hitching a trailer, jump into the window only to wedge his cab in between two parked trailers at the end of the lot, ultimately crushing him. And I took the caller who believed he was still breathing and we sent the local pd and fd hoping we would have a rescue and not a fatal, The first officer gets on scene and advises us it's a 10-7 that the victim was very purple.
Wow, Maybe in the shock of finding the crash my caller didn't notice the guys color, but maybe it was his human instinct to believe he was still alive and have a hope that he could be saved. Who knows. But, it was one of those crazy calls that I happened to take.

I guess when I got work I shouldn't touch anything or answer anything. At least that's what my co workers think!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Downpour

Recently we had our first big rains here since the winter. Which means for the storm sewer system it's a big flush to get all the junk sitting in there out.
Bad news, when it pours a couple inches in a few hours the storm drains are going to back up, flood every freakin street in the city and cause havoc for traffic, and there are a few knuckleheads who try to drive through said flooded streets and eventually get stuck.

But, after dealing with the numerous calls from people getting stuck in water/traffic this takes the cake.

I hear my partner across the room, on a 911 cellular line, state "No, ma'am there isn't a water main break anywhere.... it's raining... No, no there is no boil order...."

Some nincompoop was stupid enough to think that there had been a water main break and that was the cause for the multiple flooded streets throughout the city. Yes, yes ma'am there was a water main break, we have them on their way out right this second to go and fix it but in the mean time can you do us a huge favor and go stand outside and make sure no one drives through the street, we would hate for them to get stuck in the hole!