Sunday, May 29, 2011

Common Sense

Working on this end of the radio I have had the opportunity to talk to a wide variety of people, albeit most in their worst moments of life, and one thing that stands out when I reflect on most of these encounters is that there is a wide range of Common Sense.

Many people I have spoken with lack Common Sense, for example I have had someone call 911 asking what someone recently arrested (within minutes) bond amount was. No ma'am this is not the jail, nor is it information, you will have to find someone with a phone book for that number.

Or the person who calls 911 (I would like to remind you 911 is for 'emergencies') because they locked themselves out of their car. I obtain their name, address, phone number, and then what color and type of car they have, next up is the question "Is your vehicle RUNNING?", some people answer straight no, some people beat around the bush and say it was running but shut itself off (yeah, okay.) well in 'big city' they are running calls after calls and their policy is only to go for running cars, or cars with a child locked inside. So, after explaining to the person the police cannot help them and pointing them towards a locksmith, we disconnect. Moments later another 911 call comes in, this time the person tells me the car is running. Now, you see I just spoke with you and you already told me all of your information, unfortunately we still can't help you out. Call 911 again and I will sign a complaint against you for misuse of the 911 system. Thanks and have a great day.

More Common Sense woes came this winter, where most of our state was hit with a blizzard. Now, I know I don't watch the news much but I do have facebook, a smartphone, computer, etc. and I know most people in this day and age have one or more. And those who don't have any nifty gadgets that us tech-savvy people do I know there is always the print newspaper. Now, the meteorologists predicted a crap-load of snow starting at a specific date and time, and warned everyone not to travel unless absolutely necessary. So when you and 75 other people start to get stuck on an impassable area of highway and call 911 to get un-stuck I am not sure what you were expecting us to send you. Our police are driving around in cars just like you, and up until you called they were nice and warm in their stations because they cant' go driving around because of the snow! I really wish they could have asked everyone what was so important that they were out driving at 10 pm at night to get themselves stuck in the blizzard.
I mean it was so bad we had officers out in snow plows still getting stuck..

Well. I am done rambling for a bit, I had neglected this blog as well as reading many blogs I follow. I promise to try and keep up with it as much as possible!

Until next time!