Monday, July 28, 2008

Really? Thanks for letting me know..

I get a call the other day on the 911 line... it went something like this
"Hurry there's a dog chasing and biting people"
"Okay.. where are you and what does the dog look like"
"We are at the corner of xxx/yyy street and it's a big black dog, it has big teeth, a tail and fur"
"....... I have the police on the way"
I hang up and am 10% stupider thanks to this caller, damn.

To the anon caller about the vicious attack dog, I thank you for letting me know that dogs have teeth, tails and fur.. without you I would not know where I stood in life.. I salute you.

Aside from that idiot, we have dealt with a vast range of idiots in the last few nights, I think something got into the water.. damn..

Update on me.. I finally was released out of training and am on my own, woohoo.. It's been a blast, I am liking the shift I chose (the afternoon, busy shift..) and the people I am working with.. plus I am starting to pick up OT which is going to help with the paycheck!

I see I got a comment from one reader, pretty neat! Thanks for letting me know that I at least have one person reading my nonsense! I guess I gotta keep updating this then, huh?!

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