Monday, July 7, 2008

Don't drink and drive

So.. Last night I was working City Fire.. and my partner working City PD got up so I had her radio up and all of a sudden my Sergeant keyed up "I dont think he is going to stop for me".. we are all like wtf?... a second later "[engine revving] Radio advise CITY TO OUR NORTH that they have a motorcycle going about 120 up YYY street, I am 22ing (disregarding) it's too dangerous"

So, I 10-4 him and my partner gets on the phone with city to the north and lets them know, not even 10 seconds later our cell phone 911 board lights up.. calls about a motorcycle 10-50 (accident) infront of a pizza place just 10 blocks north into city to the north on the YYY street..

As we are taking the 911 calls, the Sergeant keys up and says it looks like he wrecked up there.. we 10-4 that and adv him we are getting multiple 911 calls and he is now going to assist..

My partner gets a 911 caller that walked up the male driver, states he is barley breathing and not responding.. and he walks over to the female passenger on the motorcycle and informs my partner that.. her leg is missing..

4 ambulances are dispatched for 4 transports.. the guy driving the speeding motorcycle hit another motorcycle from behind, lost control and wiped out.. the 2nd motorcycle driver was able to crash down and come away with minor road rash and head scrapes.. the speeding motorcycle continued to flip and fly out of control for the next three blocks before striking a car waiting at a stop light and injuring the driver of that vehicle..

The Sergeant informed me when he came into the comm center later that night that the male driver lost all vitals in the bus on the way to the ER and the female was in very bad shape (anyone who lost a leg would be in my opinion) but at the time we left our shift at 6 am they were still barley hanging onto life in the ER.. the crash happened at 1:15 am..

State Police shut down the three blocks of the major road for 6 hours while reconstructing the accident, and brought in flood lights from a few fire departments around the county.. both the male and females BAC was 3 times the legal limit at about .25 (IL is .08).. I will find out for sure tonight when I go in if they made it or if the coroner was paged for their deaths..

Good thing the Sergeant called off any attempt at chasing the driver, because if he did it would have fallen on him and the department.. I guess the guy went by the officer at about 85 and took a turn and almost spilled.. the Sergeant said he saw no brake lights at all and the guy blew a stop light at least going 100+ mph..

Stupid.. And they looked to be in their 20's.. We hope they both survive and that this guy will have to live with the responsibility of casuing the misery to the lady he was driving that night.. But I highly doubt they survived since the impact was so violent and the fact that neither were wearing helmets..


After going into work today, I was able to get a little update on their status, as of this morning they were both still alive at our local hospital, I did not get information on the status of the female and her leg, but I doubt it was saved..


They are both still listed in critical condition, the females leg could not be saved and it was lost, the State Police have a minimum speed estimate at this time of 100 mph at the time of impact, they will have a report done with the final calculations but that is still going to be an estimate since there was no actual skid marks to use as reference.. also, all that was left of the motorcycle was the frame and engine, everything else was torn off and destroyed.. The male is being charged with DUI amongst many other traffic violations

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