Sunday, July 17, 2011

The brighter the moon, the crazier it gets.

I believe in the myth that when there is a full moon, it's crazy. Working 911 for the past few years have strengthened my beliefs. The few days before and after the full moon are usually filled with our local crazies calling and being crazy. I have had the honors of talking to many crazy people in my career, and although they think they are calling for true emergencies and we handle them with seriousness it makes for a good laugh after the fact.

My favorite 10-96 (police code for mental/crazy) calls include the older lady who called 911 saying that her neighbors were hiding raccoons under her car, and sending their cats to poop on her porch. PD gets there and there is neither of the sort going on. Or the lady who calls 911 frantic and goes on an entire story of how she was kidnapped by relatives, brought to a hotel room, and they used a Hoover Home Liposuction machine and dumped her fat in the hotel room sink. Yeah that's a bit out there.
We have a regular crazy who calls us every once in a while, he sings us songs and talks about random things that happened back during Vietnam, sometimes he gets very aggressive and he's accused me of being apart of the war crimes.
We haven't heard from one of our other 'regulars' so I assume he's moved out of town and is now blessing another 911 center with his antics. He called one night called me a Doctor, and proceeded to tell me that he doesn't need to bring his gun on the bus because he always has his harmonica.

Now, even though most of our contact with these callers is humorous they are tying up 911 lines and police resources with their crazy reports, as we send an officer to check on them each time. And I also want to know, what happens that makes you that crazy?
I sure am getting a lot of tips from these folks for when I get older and retire. I am sure to be a pain for some police department somewhere! Ha ha.

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rholloway1 said...

As a fellow dispatcher, I have also taken my share of crazy calls. My recent favorite was a woman who said the neighbors cut her tooth out while she was sleeping and also rearranged her rooms while she wasn't looking but the BEST part was that this is all because of a plan by Homeland Security to torture people and George Bush is the ringleader! OH BOY!