Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Status is 10-4

So, it's been a long month! I have successfully completed all of the fun CAD training and whatnot that we have been doing over and over for the last two and a half weeks, (First time they have done it this way, and I feel like it got a bit repetitive at the end, but I learned how to work it really fast, there was another person who was struggling with it so we kept reviewing to keep them up to pace..)

So, I am now starting the afternoon shift next week, it will be my first time operating the radio and I feel really confident about radio, CAD, and call taking, the only thing that I am a bit nervous about will be paging out FD and the things that we have to do for our FD along with the 15+ other FD's and Ambulances in the county.. pshew

I am looking forward for 7-4-08, first night I work on Midnights and it's going to be quite an experience.. I see in my future a slew of "shots fired" and "fireworks" calls.. I just hope I get a PD tac and not a FD tac.. ha!

Man, I am loving this so far... just being in the training of things and how well I am getting along with the other dispatchers (we've sat in, I have more than others because of my progress in CAD, with the dispatchers for a few hours at a time to get a feel of things) and have already started to 'fit in' with the joking that goes around to keep peoples stress down (I swear I didn't push the recline button on your chair when you were up.. honestly... but she thought I did and now I am watching my back, jeeze! haha!)

So far we haven't answered any 911 calls, but we have had the opportunity to pick up and listen at another console, so I have heard actual conversations and we have also listened to recorded calls and man, I can say some people are very 10-96 (that's N U T S for us, or should I say Mental... sorry!)..

I am so excited for next week... wish me luck that I don't get any box-alarm fires off the bat, that will NOT be cool ;)

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